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Westlake Elementary students receive weekly art instruction.
Westlake Elementary is excited to offer art to our students. Each class will get to experience art during a weekly session with Angela Foll.

Mrs. Foll was born and raised in Chicago which is where she met her husband and had their son. She moved to the Conejo Valley  seven years ago for her husband’s job. They go back home frequently to visit family and enjoy the food!

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and spent five years teaching elementary school in Chicago before her son was born. During that time, she also developed the art curriculum for her school, created and implemented the extracurricular art program and earned her art endorsement.

Over the last few years, she taught the toddler class at Westminster preschool. In her free time she enjoys reading (mostly fantasy), hiking, sewing, art, and traveling.

Art is my passion and I am so excited to bring it to WLE! Exploring art gives students a chance to express themselves and embrace their creativity. I’m passionate about creating and I love sharing those ideas and skills with others. Teaching is a part of who I am and I love making connections with kids and helping them be who they are. -- Mrs. Foll
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