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Westlake Elementary is committed to providing a high quality technology education and experience for its students.

Technology Vision

While nothing replaces traditional teaching methods, creating an environment that is rich in technology can further enhance and empower the educational experiences of our children. With continued budget cuts within the School District it is an ongoing challenge to support this vision. Through generosity and support of Westlake Elementary parents and the PFA, much of our Technology Vision has been made possible. Consider supporting our Technology Vision by making a donation to our Technology Fund or by donating technology resources.


Technology in our Classrooms

Each classroom at Westlake Elementary is equipped with a Smart Board or Promethean Board and a document camera. Technology is an integral part of the classroom environment.


1:1 Chromebooks, iPads

In grades 2 - 5, students have their own chromebook that they keep at school. Students are able to use their chromebooks for various activities and assignments throughout their school day. Many teachers have a Google Classroom setup where students can submit assignments. In Kindergarten through 1st grade, each classroom is equipped with 1:1 iPads for student learning. Many classrooms use the Osmo program with the iPads to create a more hands-on experience while using technology. A handful of iPads are also available in the 3rd-5th grade classrooms and in our lab.



Westlake Elementary is home to an expansive Makerspace. The goal of the Makerspace is to encourage creativity, exploration, and innovation through STEAM opportunities. Students are able to visit the Makerspace for free exploration during some of their lunch and recess times. Classes also visit the Makerspace to learn about specific technologies during their computer lab time.  Click here for more information about our Makerspace.


SMART Boards/Promethean Boards

SMART Boards have been installed in some of the classrooms. SMART Boards are interactive whiteboards. When using SMART Boards, teachers are able to present multi-media lessons, save their work, and write in "digital ink" using just a fingertip. SMART Boards have a durable surface, allowing both teachers and students to make direct, interactive contact with the board. They are also great for visual and kinesthetic learners. These interactive white boards provide teachers an opportunity to deliver curriculum in a new and exciting format. Our teachers have quickly incorporated these tools into their daily teaching and have transformed student learning and increased engagement.

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