School Site Council Members and Representatives

Terri Culpepper, Principal

Jenifer Marvin, Teacher

Debbie Niebolt, Teacher

Cheryl Stephenson, Teacher

Ann Keenan, Staff

Richard Fields, Chairperson

Angela Bagnuolo, DAC Representative

Katrin Bergauer, ELAC Representative

Angela Foll, PFA Representative

Erika Gross, PFA Representative

Tim Hagerty, GATE DAC Representative

Katie Wilkes, SEDAC Representative

School site council (SSC) is composed of the principal, three teacher representatives, one school-classified employee and five parents of the school’s students. Each member serves a two-year term. The SSC has regular meetings the third Tuesday of most school months in the school library and are open to the public.

The purpose of SSC is to develop a single-school plan for student achievement. This plan helps determine/address how funds will be used to improve academic performance of all students. The plan also identifies how the school will evaluate the progress to these goals. Examples of appropriate expenditures include specialists such instructional assistants, computers, software, teacher in-service and stipends for extra teacher work.

Another responsibility of SSC is to review, monitor, evaluate and write the school safety plan for each year. We will be developing further guidelines for Westlake Elementary's Safety Plan and the CVUSD Policy and Procedures for visitors/volunteers on campus.

All meetings are typically held in the school library at 2:45 p.m.

School Site Council

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For the 2021-22
School Year, our SSC meetings will take place via ZOOM.

Our first meeting is August 24 at 3:00PM on Zoom.